Justin Palmer

Oculus Launch Pad - Mend

In late 2019, I was invited to attend Oculus Launch Pad. This involved attending an XR bootcamp along with 99 other aspiring developers, and a challenge; build and pitch a vertical slice in three months. I got home, and immediately started tinkering in Unity. After a few failed prototypes, I landed on an asymmetric, cooperative two-player experience, which became Mend.

The asymmetric aspect of Mend is what hooked me on the idea, and pushed me to complete the demo. Two players need to work together to solve puzzles and explore the game world, all while leveraging their own unique perspectives. The VR player is a massive, towering chacracter that has the largest view of the gameplay space. The flatscreen player is a more traditional 3rd person character, allowing them to more easily focus on the details and see things up close.

Mend was one of eight projects to win an Oculus Launch Pad scholarship. I never expected to get into Launch Pad, much less win a scholarship, so receiving the award was an amazing and humbling experience. Not only did I get to pitch my creation on-site at Oculus headquarters, but I got to lead a fantastic team of artists and programmers. I'm immensely grateful for my time with Launch Pad, and for my friends that helped build something really cool.

Gameplay trailer I cut for Demo Day

"Cinematic" camera I wrote to capture gameplay footage

Early prototype of Mend

Gameplay is slowly coming together