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Cs_gallery Blockout - Counter-Strike Global Offensive

I started working on the blockout of cs_gallery in early 2019. My goal was to create a small hostage rescue map similar to cs_office, but with the modern feel of cs_agency. I wanted to encourage player conflict in tight spaces. While I obviously didn't get past the blockout phase, I still enjoyed creating this layout and testing it with friends.

I have a love/hate relationship with cs_office. It's probably my most played Counter-Strike map, but I've grown to really hate the choke points. Long Hall always turns into an AWP fight, and Paper is consistently a spam-fest. But damnit, the map has this charming quality I can't quite place.

The inspiration from cs_office should be clear. Gallery features two choke points: its own "Long Hall", and a medium-sized choke point that bisects the gallery right across the middle. T's start on the north-side of the map and CT's start on the south-side. I had the large strokes in place. Initial testing indicated that the map was decently balanced at the time. If players on either side headed straight for a choke point, they would meet at the same time; roughly 12-13 seconds into a match. The blockout isn't without flaws, though. The T-side doesn't feel cohesive and suffers from the "room-and-hall" syndrome that plagues every budding level designer. Cover and sight lines still need work. I'd love to take this map all the way to art pass one day.

Top-down view of cs_gallery blockout.