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Blight Tower - Ludum Dare 43

Okay, so Blight Tower is weird. I made it at Ludum Dare 43. The theme was "sacrifices must be made". TLDR, I bit off more than I could chew for this compo entry. I finished, though! And the game was technically feature complete, but it still needed a lot of love in the game feel and tuning departments.

The general gameplay goes a little something like this:

There's a Blight Tower. It's bad. It has a lot of HP, mmk? You can't take the thing down alone, so you need to recruite an army to help you. Luckily, there are three capturable outposts scattered around the level. Once you capture an outpost, it will spawn friendly mobs that help you attack the Tower. Good? Good.

There's one problem, though. If you piss the tower off enough, it will capture the outposts and turn your friendly mobs against you. And here is where I tried to sprinkle in the jam theme. Killing NPC's will drop health for you to stay alive (dying is generally frowned upon in Blight Tower). Now, they will drop this health regardless of their allegiance. And there's splash damage everywhere, so you'll need a medkit eventually.

That's pretty much it. I wanted the game to be about a constant trade-off of NPCs helping the player with their main goal, and the player's health. Need to take out the tower quick? Capture the outposts and keep your mobs alive! Need some HP because you accidentally shot a rocket at your feet? Kill a few NPCs and you'll get a refresher! Are your friendly mobs attacking you instead of the tower? Well... kill them anyway! I wasn't able to strike the right balance in 48 hours. But I did technically finish, so I'll take it. Check out the gameplay and jam time-lapse videos below!

Blight Tower Gameplay

48 Hour Jam Time-Lapse