Justin E. Palmer

Game Designer, Unity Engineer, AR/VR/XR enthusiast, and
Creative Technologist

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Please excuse the mess around here. I'm actively working on and updating everything as I find the time. #MVP

Adventures in Blender (Hard Surface Modeling)

Here's a collection of random pieces I've made with Blender, some imported to Unity. All pieces created for use with realtime rendering applications.

The Stockpile
An exercise in creating A LOT of performant geometry. Millions of objects rendered in Unity.

Power socket model with geometry detail baked out to a normal map.

Power socket brought into Unity. Two polygons with a single normal map for detail.

Non-textured chair - an exercise in complex, concave shapes.

A bountiful harvest of Blender default cubes.

A Question Mark Box from my World 1-1 remake. UV maps not optimized, don't look at that too closely.

Dice modelled and textured in Blender (Normal, specular, albedo, etc). Imported into Unity. Stick around until the end ;)