Justin E. Palmer

Game Designer, Unity Engineer, AR/VR/XR enthusiast, and
Creative Technologist

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Please excuse the mess around here. I'm actively working on and updating everything as I find the time. #MVP

About Me


My name is Justin Palmer and I'm a person that wears a lot of hats.

Most recently I've found myself wearing the Creative Director hat over at Digital Precept, working on my game, Mend. It's a pretty neat game, if I do say so myself. It's an asymetrical co-op game featuring both VR and flatscreen gameplay; so, one player in a VR headset and another player on a monitor. It even won a scholarship from Oculus Launch Pad! Which blew my mind only just a lot.

Even though I now find myself leading a team of really awesome and creative people, my first love has always been level design. It's one of those skills that was described to me as "easy to learn, hard to master". Which I guess is true for most anything design related. Aside from actually building levels, I've been reading a lot general design books lately to help get my head in the right creative space. I've just finished The Design of Everyday Things, by Don Norman, and 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, by Matthew Frederick.

Outside of Digital Precept, I help run a local Unity usergroup, The Memphis Game Developers. The group hosts monthly workshops, and special events like game jams! Our biggest event has consistently been Global Game Jam, which usually brings out around 30 developers.

Outside of game dev, I enjoy cooking, astronomy, and racing in a local "adults only" pinewood derby league. It's basically normal pinewood derby, but with local craft brews!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by :D