Oculus Launch Pad

In September 2019, I had the privilege of attending Oculus Launch Pad. As part of Launch Pad, developers were tasked to create a vertical slice in just three months.

My project, Mend, was created by myself, Jonathan Schrack, Jonathan Marlin, Elliot Boyette, and Kathryn Hicks. The demo features asymmetrical co-op gameplay between one person in VR and another person with a gamepad.

Gameplay Trailer

World 1-1

Nostalgic Level Up - Mapcore

My entry for Mapcore's July 2019 monthly challenge, Nostalgic Level Up. Entrants were tasked with re-imagining one of three levels: Unreal Tournament's CTF-Face, Counter-Strike 1.6's FY_Poolday, or Super Mario Brothers' World 1-1. I'm a sucker for Mario games, so my choice was easy.

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Blight Tower

Ludum Dare 43, Compo

Blight Tower was built in under 48 hours under the theme "Sacrifices must be made". Capture outposts to generate an army to take out the monstrous Blight Tower!

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Ludum Dare 42, Jam

Avarus is a mobile game about accumulating as many color-paired coins as possible. Designed around the jam theme Running Out of Space, players will quickly find that their greed will be their undoing.

This game was created with the help of Stephen Young and Jonathan Marlin, two good friends and members of Memphis Game Developers.

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Modern Art Critic Hero

Ludum Dare 41, Compo

Based on the theme Combine Two Incompatible Genres. Play as Mr. Critic on his personal journey to become the world's premiere modern art critic. Explore the museum and contemplate life, existence, and the exhibits.

Modern Art Critic Hero won 4th place for Humor in Ludum Dare 41.

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The Witching Hour

Global Game Jam 2018

A short horror game created for Global Game Jam 2018 adhering to the theme Transmission. The player must keep possessed appliances quiet, or suffer the wrath of an evil spirit that haunts the house.

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PBR Office Materials Pack

Personal Project - Unity Asset Store

A small, photorealistic materials pack created with a Physically Based Rendering pipeline. The pack contains one ceiling material, two floor materials, and three wall materials.

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Moving Simulator

One Game A Month

Designed for 1GAM's July 2017 jam, Moving Simulator is an arcadey, pick-up-sticks based game with tons of physics objects. The player is moving and must pack up all their belongings without making too much of a mess.

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Kung Fu: Shadow Fist

HTC Vive - Digital Precept

Kung Fu: Shadow Fist is an upcoming HTC Vive title that pays homage to those old-school, beat-em-up brawlers - but in virtual reality! I lend my level design skills to the Digital Precept team.

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Nebula Strike [Unfinished]

Ludum Dare 38, Jam

Nebula Strike was created for Ludum Dare 38, confining to the theme Small World. Players must traverse the globe, capturing mob spawners as quickly as they can. Offensive mobs will attack the enemy players' base, while defensive mobs defend your own base. Last base standing wins!..

At least, that was the idea. The team was unable to complete the game within the timeframe. But hey, we made some sweet tunes and aesthetic if I do say so myself.

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HACKmemphis 2016

Intrigue! was created at the HACKmemphis 2016 hackathon, confining to the theme Enemies As Weapons. As a spy, the player must eliminate his target while at a dinner party. This can be done by planting contraband on the target, or planting a dossier on an opposing agent!

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Funnels & Fizzlers (Portal 2)

Summer Mapping Initiative - Contest

Funnels & Fizzlers was my entry into the 2011 Summer Mapping Initiative contest for Portal 2 - I didn't get very far into the rankings, but those who played my puzzle enjoyed it! To play:

  • Download the zip and uncompress
  • Move the .BSP file into Portal 2's 'maps' directory
  • In-game, use the console command 'map [map_title]' to load
  • Enjoy
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